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Are you planning to move in Rockford, IL? Or are you curious of the educational development of the city? I’m going to share an insight about the education in the said place. Even though the city is considered a metropolitan area, there is no public 4-year university in the place. Many students enrol at the Northern Illinois University in DeKalb that is 45 miles away from the city. However, students have a choice to enrol at Rockford University, which is a private 4-year school. Interestingly, Rockford University is well-known due to Jane Addams that is a recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1931 because of her efforts to promote international peace and justice.

Robert E. Canfield & Associates

The Canfield Law office is composed of a reliable and dependable team that caters to the needs of their clients. The lawyers are mindful of the overall needs of their clients from birth to death. For example, the lawyers handle marital family cases. In that sense, they will properly handle cases related to divorce, child custody, guardianship and more. If a person needs help in settling his or her estate early, the attorney will also help in planning it. In other words, they are greatly knowledgeable of all tenets of the law that will apply to each case and help clients achieve fair settlement and judgement.

Rockford Fire Department Investigate Early Morning Fires

Two vacant Rockford homes go up in flames just hours and a few miles apart. The first started around 2:30 am in the 1400 block of 7th Avenue. Less than three hours later and two miles south a second fire took place at a house in the 3100 block of 8th street. The smell of burning debris lingered in the air as Doug Long looked on at the piles of burned wood and mangled siding that once made up the house he grew up in. "I was born in the house in 1956 and we moved out in 1968 then had it as a rental." Said Long. Both fires were labeled incendiary by fire officials. "When it comes to the vacant homes, there is not rhyme or reason as to how or why. It's either intentional or an accident." Said Rockford Fire Lieutenant John McGee. Read more here
One of the alarming news report in Rockford is about early morning fire. It is all about the news that two vacant homes were on fire just hours in the morning and it is even a couple miles from each other. The incident happened at 1400 block of 7th Avenue. As a result of the huge flames brought out by the fire incident, the smell of the burning debris filled the air. Basically, it affected a lot of people. Lastly, the two fires that happened in the city were considered and named incendiary by fire officials.

Nicholas Conservatory & Gardens in Rockford, IL

One of the interesting places in Rockford, IL is Nicholas Conservatory & Gardens. As part of the attractive tourist destinations in the city, it continuously provided a source of joy and inspiration for many visitors from all parts of the world. If you want to maximize your planning activity in going there, you can check their website. They have tons of exciting activities for their guests. For example, they will have a Lorikeets Exhibit on September 1, 2018 to November 11, 2018. Basically, the Lorikeets are popular because of their playful nature and personalities, vibrant hues, and their ability to copy words and sounds.

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Driving Direction
10 min (3.8 miles)
via E State St
Fastest route, the usual traffic
Nicholas Conservatory & Gardens
1354 N 2nd St, Rockford, IL 61107, USA

Follow Ethel Ave and N Prospect St to Rural St
3 min (0.7 mi)

Slight left onto Rural St
2 min (0.8 mi)

Turn right onto Calvin Park Blvd N
1 min (0.5 mi)

4 min (1.8 mi)

Turn right
Destination will be on the right
38 s (128 ft)

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"1111 S. Alpine Rd.
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